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Jürgen Kramer, Silvia Gerlsbeck, Nadine Böhm-Schnitker, Harald Pittel

Pages 253 - 270

Jessie L. Beier & Jan Jagodzinski, eds. (2022), Ahuman Pedagogy: Multidisciplinary Perspectives for Education in the Anthropocene
(reviewed by Jürgen Kramer)

Fabienne Collignon (2023), The Insectile and the Deconstruction of the Non/Human
(reviewed by Silvia Gerlsbeck)

John Storey (2022), Consuming Utopia: Cultural Studies and the Politics of Reading
(reviewed by Nadine Böhm-Schnitker)

Raymond Williams (2022), Culture and Politics: Class, Writing, Socialism
(reviewed by Harald Pittel)


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